About Cassie Young, KPA CTP

Cassie Young graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior and is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).  Cassie is committed to using positive, reward-based training methods which are kind and gentle, force-free and science-based. Cassie does not use or support methods that can hurt, intimidate or scare your dog. Her classes are friendly and relaxed and designed so that the training is fun, motivating and rewarding for both the dog and their human!

Services offered include canine scent work classes for sport and recreation (aka “nose work”), puppy classes in the summer months, and private training.

Cassie Young Dog Training is proudly accredited by the BC SPCA. Visit animalkind.ca for more information.

Classes currently offered are posted on the Upcoming Classes page.

Contact Cassie by Email: 

Cassie Young, KPA CTP



Office Hours:

Please note that we do not maintain regular office hours at our training location as schedules can vary greatly from week to week. If you would like to drop by in person, please contact Cassie by email to arrange a time so we can be sure to not miss you!

Business Address:

Cassie Young Dog Training
#7 – 3930 22nd Ave
Prince George, BC V2N 1B6