New Intro to Scent Work Class

NEW Intro to Scent Work class starting on Tuesday, June 26th!!

Classes will be held at the 22nd Ave training facility. We will be introducing you and your dog to the sport of canine scent work. Over the course of six weeks, your dog will be challenged with various scent games both indoors and out, while you will be learning how scent travels through the room and how to read your dog.

There are no prerequisites for this class and no obedience required. Dogs take turns coming into the search area and work one at a time. Your dog will need to stay in your vehicle in between turns. If the weather is not suitable, dogs will be crated indoors within proximity to other dogs, but separate from the search area.

Please contact us via email for more info or to sign up!

Our next Beginner class will start in September. If you’d like to be added to the waitlist, let us know!

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